April Showers Bring May Flowers

Even though there were no april showers (still in a drought) there were plenty of flowers at the latest Seton Art session. Over the course of the robotics season (basically half of our members are on the team), we collected Juice Squeeze bottles. You may have seen the box labeled (Bottles. Will be used for Art!) in the Bourn Lab. We’re really lucky that the team eats and drinks so much, because we collected over fifty bottles!


Inspired by both Earth Day and Mother’s Day, we turned our bottles into vases. The kids painted on tissue paper with glue to make beautiful “stained-glass window”-esque vases.


They made color-blocked vases, ombre vases, and monochrome (usually pink) vases. Some had hearts on them, others had flowers. We were so impressed by how creative they got, and all of them looked beautiful.


After they finished, they went to the “flower shop” and picked fake flowers to complete their Mother’s Day gifts. This was one of best projects we’ve ever done, and we would love to do it again. If you have any bottles lying around, come find me so we can collect them and transform them into vases!



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