Ada’s Bake Off!

Last week, the Ada’s Café associates came to Castilleja to talk to the Ada’s Café club members about what their jobs entail, how they got into working at Ada’s, and more.! We had a great time eating baked treats while gaining a better understanding of their experience at Ada’s, laughing about the fun memories they made, and how they felt being in a restaurant environment with the support of friends that they love. We also munched on yummy treats made by our wonderful club leaders including brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and fudge. This was such a special moment for us, because we had spent the entirety of 1st semester underwriting towards the show that would profit Ada’s, and now we were able to actually meet the people behind Ada’s and learn their stories. It was definitely an enriching experience that we all enjoyed immensely. We can’t wait to visit the café and help out!

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