ACE Org. Name

Main Purpose

Ada’s Cafe Ada’s Cafe is a non-profit dedicated to hiring, training, and empowering people with disabilities, in addition to bringing the community together through great food.
American Cancer Society To raise awareness about cancer on our campus and within our communities, especially regarding risk reduction, prevention and early detection, as well as making a difference in the lives of those who suffer from the disease.
Amnesty International The Castilleja School Amnesty Chapter will raise awareness and take action on international human rights issues. We hope to host events which will encourage the Castilleja community and beyond to spread the word about issues such as torture and freedom of expression and to stand up for the rights of people all over the world.
Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP) Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula’s (BGCP) mission is to help the at risk youth of our community develop the academic and life skills they need to be successful in school and sports. The kids at BGCP really love volunteers like you! The boys and girls really appreciate the time and committment of volunteers. I hope you can join us at one of the various clubhouse and make a difference in our larger community.
Brentwood Reading Club Our ACE org has Casti students go to the Brentwood school in East Palo Alto and tutor a student who is struggling with reading. Each student will be paired with a elementary Brentwood student and act as their mentor as well as help them read. It is a very easy and fun program, and one of the many benefits is to see the students improve and love reading. The ACE org will take up the entire EOP time. It’s a simple way to give back to our community.
Castaruni Our goal is to build a sustainable partnership that joins Kisaruni and Castilleja and benefits both schools, so that we may learn from each other, share values, and work together as equals.
CAIE- The Community Alliance for Identity and Expression C.A.I.E., Community Alliance for Identity and Expression. Our mission is to create a more inclusive and accepting environment at Castilleja for LGBTQA students and allies. As a club we explore topics related to gender and sexuality and provide a safe and supportive space. C.A.I.E. also serves as a resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the LGBTQA community. We welcome anyone regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
Diversity The Castilleja Diversity leaders are determined to create an accepting environment within the Castilleja community which facilitates the expanding of horizons. We will address issues of inclusiveness and discrimination while celebrating our individual differences and similarities as one community.
Green Team Castilleja’s Green Team aims to create a sustainable campus and educated community in order to inspire action and interest in local and global environmental issues.
Music for the Community Music for the Community Club aims to share our love of music through collaboration with the local community and beyond.
Roshni Castilleja’s Roshni Club creates leadership opportunities in both the Castilleja and Roshni community by promoting a partnership between our two communities, as well as empowering the young women of our generation.
St. Elizabeth Seton Through our after school art program at St. Elizabeth Seton School, we encourage new levels of engagement and understanding in varying art projects, and classroom education as a whole. We seek to educate traditionally under-resourced students in art techniques, and creative processes. Beyond the classroom, we hope to inspire creativity and leadership within each student.
Rosener House The Rosener House is an older adult day service in Menlo Park for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. This ACE org strives to create a meaningful relationship between students and the seniors in our community. It also aims to raise awareness for the cognitive impairments that the seniors there face.
STEMx STEMx seeks to engender an interest in STEM exploration at Castilleja and empower young women in local and global communities through STEM education.
Team HBV Team HBV is an outreach branch of the Jade Ribbon Campaign (JRC) at Stanford University. We seek to increase awareness of the severity of hepatitis B.
Turn It Around Turn It Around stands for elementary schools who cannot afford an arts program with students who want to learn how to dance. Throughout the year we will be choreographing dances for kindergarden to 5th grade girls and teacing ballet, jazz and hip hop classes.The first few meetings we will be organzing, creating class palns and choreographing and then we will go to the Boys and Girls Club and teach a few classes and dances! We will meet for the full EOP (most likely in the dance studio).
Wildnerness The Wilderness Club will give Castilleja girls the opportunity to grow individually and communally through our partnership with Acterra, the provided time for self-reflection, and the rewarding experiences outside. We aim to foster strong relationships between Castilleja girls and nature, while also learning valuable and fun skills outside of the classroom. This club is a great way to have some fun in a stress free environment, while also learning a lot.