A New View of India (Days 4 & 5)

We are blogging for two days because we got in very late last night after a delicious dinner and a full day.

Yesterday, we started the day with the Roshni girls and an inspiring session with Ameena Kidwai. Ms. Kidwai spoke about time management, which is something that connected with both the Roshni girls and the Castilleja girls. We then filled out a pie chart about how we spend our day. We realized how difficult it is to fit all our activities into one day. After project work, we skyped with Meenakshi Ganguly from Human Rights Watch. We discussed violence against women in Southeast Asia. We had a yummy Indo-Chinese lunch with the Roshni girls, and a community dance session. We learned some Bollywood moves and taught them the Macarena! Then we had a wonderful opportunity to tour the parliament museum and both the Lok Sabha and Raje Sabha (lower and upper houses). It was amazing to see a place where so many critical decisions are made. Afterwards, we went to Ganga Ram Hospital, where we had a discussion with a hospital executive and a tour given by a medical student. We were able to see paid, subsidized, free treatment, and emergency wards. This was definitely a culture shock for us but we agreed that it was a valued and memorable experience. Then we headed to Baci, an Italian restaurant, which was a pleasant change from the typical Indian food.

In case we haven’t mentioned this before, the banana bread at the guest house is a major perk. It appears to be an endless supply, the perfect complement to our morning tea. We started the day with a Roshni session with Ameena Kidwai, who spoke to us about the importance of setting goals. After our regular tea break, we prepared our powerpoint rough drafts for our final presentations. Then we had a guest speaker, an executive from McDonald’s India who spoke to us about job opportunities and management at this corporation. After lunch, we visited Jama Masjid, the largest Mosque in India. It can hold up to 25,000 people. A highlight of the day was a cycle rickshaw tour of Chandni Chowk, a bustling market area in Old Delhi. It has now sunk in that we are in India. We are very excited for the Taj Mahal tomorrow!

-Ayesha, Callie, Samra (with a cameo by Sarah!)

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  • Shivani & Claire

    The indo-chinese food sounds delicious. Totally jealous!

  • Anu Iyer

    Looks like a bumpy ride in the cycle rickshaw. How fun!

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