Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

7th Grade Petting Zoo at Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto

Last week the Class of 2021 visited their Brentwood Kindergarten buddies for a very special afternoon filled with laughter, sunshine, and 50 farm animals.  With the coordination of Little Explorers Mobile Petting Zoo, we were able to bring these animals directly to the school.  Each of our [...]

Leaf Animals!

This past Wednesday, the Seton Art ACE Org made leaf animals and their habitats with the elementary school students. The students all got really creative coming up with cool animals to make, and the environment around their animals. The animals ranged from dogs to butterflies to peacocks, and [...]

Monkey Puppets!

During the last ACE Org EOP, Seton Art taught the elementary school students how to make monkey puppets out of a brown paper bag, construction paper, markers, and a few other accessories. What inspired this project: The students were learning about Chinese New Year, and how this year is the [...]

Holiday Performance at Stanford Mall

Written by Simran Sandhu ’18 On Friday, December 11th, the Music for the Community club gave a festive performance at Stanford Shopping Center to raise money for the Music in the Schools Foundation. Simran Sandhu ‘18 started it off with a cello solo, and her performance was followed by [...]

Guatemala 1/8

This morning we left early from our hotel in Antigua to return to Comalapa one final time and present our projects. When we arrived, we were greeted by the Becadas and watched as the students from the school performed traditional Mayan music that they had been learning for the past month- fue [...]

Guatemala 1/7

After visiting Comalapa several times, the becadas came to visit us in Antigua yesterday. We had a delicious breakfast, and anxiously awaited the arrival of the becadas. We worked on our presentations in groups of 4 about a weaver (normally the weaver was the mom of one of the becadas). Two [...]

France Day 7

Today, after an early morning, we had the opportunity to visit the U.S. Embassy in Paris  and speak with Jennifer, the cultural attaché. We learned so much about foreign service and were inspired by her valuable experiences and advice. We then ate a delicious lunch of sandwiches and quiche from [...]

China Day – Day 7

Today we started with our daily group meeting after eating breakfast with our home stay families. After our check-in and debrief of yesterday, we went on a hike exploring the mountains near the village. We were given an hour of solo hiking where we got to reflect and enjoy the nature. Then we [...]

China Day 6

After a lovely breakfast with our homestay families we visited an educational center to help pick up horse droppings to be fermented in a system made to separate waste. The droppings make gas, to be used for cooking and heating, and fertilizer. We learned about the problems with trash and [...]

France Day 5

Jan 6 2016 Because senator Benbassa unfortunately couldn’t meet us today, we enjoyed a fun day of exploring the Louis Vuitton exhibition, shopping down the Champs-Elysée, and had a blast at our Wonder Woman dinner. The Louis Vuitton Exhibition was an incredible experience, as we learned a [...]

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